Like most people on the Left, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is about as dense as a bag of flour on the bottom of the ocean when it comes to most things, but especially dense when it comes to the Second Amendment and even MORE specifically, the NRA. Since a monster took the lives of 17 innocents (while an armed officer sat outside the school and hid like a b*tch), the media has been building the perfect ‘case’ against millions of law-abiding, legal gun owners who had NOTHING to do with what happened in Florida.

And that perfect case is built on lies like this one:

The NRA doesn’t sell guns and is a nonprofit.

So calling them greedy is … stupid.

Also, with Kirsten blathering on about the gun industry, we would really like her to name an industry that doesn’t want to protect its profits.

She is clueless.

Oops, tough break, Kirsten.

Plus they’re a nonprofit so …

It’s amazing to us (and not in a good way) that people who hate Trump are literally asking him to take their only means of protection away via governmental control.

Double oops.


Sadly, this morning as we see companies like the First National Bank, Best Western and Enterprise Rental crap on their customers who happen to be NRA members, the Left’s fear-mongering seems to be working on small-minded and easily intimidated businesses.

Meanwhile, we imagine NRA memberships are way up.

Thanks, Kirsten!


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