It’s super adorable watching Democrats play big and bad with Dana Loesch … without tagging her. Of course, Dana slammed the Left’s precious media and was downright viciously HONEST about how they feed their blood-thirsty audience mass shootings for ratings, clicks, and taps.

Ted seems upset. Then again, like other Lefties, he always seems upset so it’s sorta hard to tell when he’s more upset than usual, but THIS seems fussy:

Yes, it is absolutely an example of their greatness, you toad.

She’s right.

Deal with it, Ted.

It’s starting to piss us off too.

He protects them, they protect him.

Honestly, the majority of this thread is a disgusting hate-fest of misogyny, ignorance, and outright deliberate miscommunication about not only the NRA but Dana Loesch as well. We have rarely seen such a disgusting display of intolerance and bullying in the many years we’ve been covering Twitter.

These people should be ashamed … and committed.

Ok, so we know Patricia Arquette is saying that Dana is a ‘PR disaster,’ but her tweet is so poorly worded that we get to make fun of her and pretend that Ted’s attempt at slamming Trump with Dana was the actual disaster.

Bless Twitter.


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