Like many of us on the Right, Bethany Mandel has HAD ENOUGH of the Broward County Sheriff being a smug ‘prick,’ attacking not only Dana Loesch but legal gun-owners in general. So she went OFF on him in one of the best threads we’ve seen on Twitter in a long, long time.

Get him, Bethany.




The sheriff wanted the NRA to take the fall and get so much heat from the gun-control lobby that they’d miss the reality of what actually happened, and that’s his own department dropping the ball … 39 times in fact.

Wait, counting the deputy, that’s 40 times.



Wow, we love this woman.

While Dana and Chris needed security just to leave the building, yup.

Grrr, reading Bethany’s thread makes us even angrier.

They always have an agenda and once Dana and other members of the NRA called them out for loving mass shootings they lost their minds.

We see you, CNN.



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