Benjy Sarlin of NBC News was ‘unsettled’ because President Trump mocked a man who was supposed to protect innocent kids from danger and instead hid outside of a school and listened as these same kids were shot and killed.

If your Trump Derangement Syndrome is so bad that you’re defending a sackless man who did NOTHING while a monster gunned down children, it might be time to put the Twitter down, walk away and think about your positions a little bit.

Just sayin’.

Someone get this guy a tissue.



We’ve suspected for years now that the media is a joke … this past nine days though? Solidified it.

They’re ridiculous.

Ordinary person.

But Trump was mean!!!

Damn right he does.

Hrm, we remember that too.


Then again, these are the same people who were gushing over Kim Jong-un’s sister a couple of weeks ago, so they’re not exactly the best judge of character.


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