Holy Hell, George Takei says a LOT of stupid things … but this could be the stupidest and most incorrect thing he’s said, maybe ever.

We understand that our ‘friends’ on the Left think everything is about evil corporations (unless racism is somehow to blame) BUT the NRA is a nonprofit organization that does not sell guns.


The end.


But to say it’s a blatant falsehood is to imply that George knows better and we’re not entirely sure he does. Let’s not pretend he’s ever actually taken the time to read up on the NRA and what it actually stands for and how it works.

Right between Target and Starbucks, duh.


It’s not?

Psh, anything is possible with CNN this week.

Or he’s really ignorant of the reality of many things that he seems to think he should comment on, even though he should probably just keep his big mouth shut.



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