Here’s a helpful hint, if you’re a woman who has literally welcomed Bill Clinton to your campaign, have had your picture taken with him on several occasions and didn’t bother to call him out for the way he treated women for decades you probably should keep your big mouth shut about Trump.

Otherwise, you just come off like a hypocrite.

Sorta like Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gonna go ahead and call BS on this, Kirsten.

Now our friends on the Left are going to screech and accuse of us ‘whataboutism,’ but really all we’re doing is pointing out that Kirsten only seems to care about how women are treated when it’s the other party she can complain about. Poor Franken, she only spoke out against him so she could call out Trump without being a hypocrite.

And by poor Franken we mean, HA HA TAKE THAT AL.

They don’t count, duh.

They didn’t call Weinstein the ‘Democrat Maker’ for nothin’.


Seems she pissed both sides of the aisle off with this one.

Way to go, Kirsten.


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