Bill Maher is so edgy in his Haiti t-shirt, look at him raising money for the country even though his shirt says it’s great already. Maybe instead of wearing a silly t-shirt, Bill should just write a rather large check to any NUMBER of charities working to support Haiti (just not the Clinton Foundation.).

Suppose it’s easier (and a bit more self-serving) to just take a selfie wearing an ill-fitted t-shirt over a buttondown and posting it on Twitter. What do you wanna bet he didn’t actually even have to pay for the shirt?

He loves that t-shirt!

Wow, he’s so giving and well-rounded, we were literally MOVED by seeing this tweet.

Oh, wait, no we weren’t.

And neither was Jenna Jameson.


Maher went down

Two hits.

Other tweeps chimed in as well:

THAT’S right, remember Conan posting his selfies from his lavish resort in Haiti? It was so adorable knowing he was living the high life just miles from people starving and going without medical care.


*eye roll*

Because Haiti IS great already.



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