North Korea, seems our media just can’t quit you.

Seriously. We get it traditional media, you don’t like Trump, but if your dislike of him is such that you find yourself mentally picking out curtains with North Korea for after the wedding it MIGHT be time to take a deep breath, re-examine what it is you stand for … and get some therapy.

It could be they’re getting paid, but we honestly just think they so badly want to make Trump mad OR they think they’ll win a Pulitzer for their ‘daring coverage’ of the Olympic Games that they’re blind to how gross they are coming off.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why you can’t see the tweet, they deleted it.

Guess even NBC has a limit?

Luckily, Sean Davis from The Federalist grabbed it:

So satisfying to watch.

And why would that be, NBC?

*get a room*

And of course, they deleted it.

They have a strange idea of what Utopia looks like if that’s the case.

It’s crazy how long you can smile when you know they’ll kill your parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, pets, and friends back home if you stop.

But watching North Korea is SO satisfying, right NBC?


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