As Twitchy reported, CNN on Saturday was slammed by everyone ranging from Brit Hume to Garry Kasparov to Jonathan Chait for its puff-piece on Kim Jong Un’s sister “stealing the show” at the Winter Olympics.

Also responding to that tweet, but from the opposite angle, was New Republic senior editor Jeet Heer, who tweeted, “Do you realize how massively you have to fuck up so that Kim Jong Un’s family looks good by comparison? But Trump and Pence have pulled it off.”

Heer apparently thought people were being “willfully obtuse” in interpreting his tweet, so he deleted it and attempted to spell out, slowly, his take on North Korea’s charm offensive. Hang in there with us for a little bit:

With CNN, maybe.

Trump’s “explicit policy is devaluing South Korean lives.” Hang on a bit longer …

Ugh, there’s more. People must have really misinterpreted that first tweet.

“A Stalinist hellhole is winning a propaganda victory?” Um, no, not at all, but someone really ought to tell NBC and CNN that.


CNN getting DESTROYED from all sides over its puff-piece on Kim Jong Un’s sister