Tarantino is in hot water for comments he made defending Roman Polanski (yikes, what a disgusting pig), but Jessica Chastain complaining that Uma Thurman who volunteered to be in Kill Bill was ‘abused’ is just silly and ultimately takes away from the very real issue of sexual assault.

Let’s just hope Jessica is even more outraged about Tarantino’s vile comments about Polanski but for this piece, we have this tweet:

Umm … what?

Is Jessica saying women can’t handle being in violent movies? Perhaps she missed it, but Uma is the heroine in Kill Bill and kicks all sorts of ass. Not to mention men are ‘abused’ in movies every day.

We thought the big push was for women to be equal?

It is Hollywood we’re talking about so yes, yes it IS ridiculous.

Remind us NEVER to tick these ladies off.

Uma wins.


Feminists can’t have it both ways. They can’t complain that women aren’t paid as much or don’t get the same opportunities as men and then turn around and whine about when they’re treated like men.

Either women can handle it or they can’t.

This ain’t rocket science.


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