Sorry folks, we imagine you’re getting a little bored of reading about Alyssa Milano tweeting something stupid but OMG, it’s like she wants us to write about her. Every day this editor says to herself, ‘Self, go ahead and peek at Milano’s timeline but you probably shouldn’t write about her again unless she’s tweeted something REALLY stupid.’

Like this.


Let’s not pretend Alyssa would know Constitutional order if it fell out of the sky, landed on her face and started to wiggle.

Serious EL OH EL.

Putting it mildly.

It feels like she didn’t really pay attention to the government until Trump won the election and she found something she could tweet about for attention. Look at us, we’re writing about her and two years ago we probably never even looked at her timeline.


You’re being way too nice here.

That part that says Americans should have free college and healthcare, duh.

Ask Alyssa, she’s an expert now.


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