It’s super simple, people.

Alyssa Milano will block you if you show up on her timeline with any kind of bigotry or hate.

Of course, considering she’s a Lefty, simply disagreeing with her probably makes you a hater and a bigot in her eyes but still.

Seems an awful lot like living in a bubble to us.

Now now, if the haters and bigots agree with her that’s different.

The hate she spreads is for the greater good or something. You know, like advocating against bans that would end the slaughter of innocent unborn babies after 20 weeks … that was GOOD hate.

We’d never block her either, she always manages to provide us with a ton of fun content.

Nah, he deserves it. *eye roll*

Or she just assumes everyone who disagrees with her ideas are haters and bigots so she blocks them and then pats herself on the back for making Twitter a better place.


Huh, this seems to have backfired a bit on Alyssa.

Wonder how many of these people she blocked?

Wonder when she’ll block us?


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