Chelsea Handler is looking to sleep with a Republican man so she can reach ‘some level of bipartisanship.’

Men. If you’re a Republican YOU NEED TO RUN AND RUN FAST. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 … RUN.

This is surely a sign of the end of times.

What are the odds that Republican men all over the world just did a collective all-over body gross-out shiver when they saw this tweet?

Slim pick’ins.


Hrm, we’re sensing a theme here.

Not judging.

It’s hard to get the attention she so craves since her show was canceled… err … we mean since she quit her show to be a political activist.

Not a good visual.


We didn’t say it, he did. Ok, so we laughed at him saying it and used it in this article BUT WE DIDN’T SAY IT.



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