What the Hell is she thinking posting a photo of Devin Nunes when he was clearly under 18 years of age? Does she not understand that this is what cyberbullies do when they’re trying to intimidate and troll people into silence?

I guess Chelsea just showed us her true colors, and she is nothing more than a nasty troll.

Notice how few likes and retweets she has on this tweet, usually her mindless horde retweets and faves her into the ten’s of thousands. Maybe even they know this is effed up and wrong.

Whoa. That’s not her is it?

She’s awfully SOMETHING, we’re not sure if puffy is the right word but YIKES.

Besides that, what adult thinks it’s ok to post a photo of someone else when they were a ‘child’?

Chelsea has lost it.

We know, we know, she would have had to have it in the first place, but you know what we mean.

But she’s a super political activist.

Look at her, being all political and stuff.


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