Isn’t it convenient how the Left keeps leaving out the term ‘illegal’ when they talk about immigrants? We get it, it’s hard to pretend you actually care about Americans when you’re willing to shut down their government over a bunch of illegal immigrants so they need to frame the GOP as racist, but the only ones buying this nonsense support Democrats already.

Kamala Harris is probably one of the most dishonest and disingenuous of the lot:

It is not about targeting immigrants.

It is about wanting people to enter the country LEGALLY. And seriously, please explain to us how Trump is anti-immigrant when he has offered to grant citizenship to nearly two million Dreamers in the next 12 years?

You know what couldn’t be further from the truth? Kamala’s tweet.

Obama and the Democrats were lazy with immigration reform, yup.

She does know, she just doesn’t think the rest of us do.

Then again, maybe she doesn’t know the difference.

Seems Kamala missed this tidbit.


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