Palestinian ‘diplomat’ Saed Erekat got so angry with Nikki Haley that he openly admitted he wanted her to shut up.

Which of course makes us love her  EVEN MORE.

This is the part where women on the Left tell us how Nikki ‘persisted’ and that she’s a revolutionary badass breaking glass ceilings and championing women everywhere, right?

From The Daily Mail:

A top Palestinian official had some harsh words for American ambassador the United Nations Nikki Haley in the wake of comments she made about Palestinian National Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.

‘Nikki Haley needs to shut up and realize that the Palestinian leadership is not the problem,’ said Erekat according to the New York Daily News.

Erekat, who serves as a member of parliament for the Palestinian government, is often a liason to the western media for the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Probably wouldn’t be very diplomatic of us to tell Erekat to blow it out his arse now would it?

And THAT ladies and gents is WHY this editor writes for Twitchy and does not hold a position where diplomacy matters.


But saying that makes this guy Islamophobic or something, yes?

At least.


And they especially hate it that a ‘woman’ has any authority over them.

Delicious, ain’t it?


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