Rose McGowan being labeled as anti-trans for turning away a heckler during a book signing is everything wrong with the progressive SJW narrative; they all eventually eat their own.

Anti-trans bias? For real, Slate?

From Slate (yeah, we know – hey, we saved you a click):

Feminism that includes trans women is far more hopeful. It allows for the recognition of difference, for the solidarity that grows out of many divergent paths, and for change and growth beyond ones’ formative experiences. It also leaves room for self-determination, for women and men to know themselves better from the inside than others know them from the outside, and to declare who they are without apology. Trans-inclusive feminism also allows trans men to acknowledge what they have in common with cis women, without forcing them to deny the privilege they may experience once they present as male. McGowan, and others like her, fear that trans people will take something away from feminism. In truth, trans experiences can support feminism and strengthen it.


It feels like we use the word, ‘Huh,’ more and more these days.

It’s 2018, what’cha gonna do.


We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t fun watching this so-called movement implode on itself.

Exactly. Someone’s struggle is always more struggling than your struggle … is that how it works?

Either way, *popcorn*.


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