It all started with Katy Tur’s ridiculous tweet about tax cuts for the middle class …

You’d think by now the Left would realize this talking point is falling flat when it comes to the American people, who understand that any tax cut is a good tax cut and that the Democrats could have absolutely voted to make the cuts permanent but they were more interested in playing politics.

But still, being an edgy journo touting the Dems talking points takes great courage.

Or something.

Clearly a firefighter.


Oh, wait.

Speak of the Devil … or the CNN guy, same difference.

But CNN isn’t politically biased or anything.

In fact, Brian Stelter is so unbiased he was upset with Stephen for sharing his retweet without tagging him:

‘Have the courage to include my handle if you’re going to complain about me. ‘

We snort-laughed so hard when we read this we MAY have actually hurt ourselves.



*more popcorn*

Damn, son.

So hey, thanks, Brian.


So much BOOM that we felt the BOOM once and then it rolled around the globe and came back to shake us again.

Yup, sums it up.



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