If you’re a Twitchy regular and wondering where you know the name Julia Ioffe, it’s probably from December 2016 when she tweeted, after reading that Ivanka Trump would be using the office space reserved for the first lady:

Either Trump is fucking his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?

Ioffe deleted the tweet and has since moved on to The Atlantic (they obviously weren’t bothered), and it was from that position Monday that she tried to explain to CNN’s Brian Stelter that there are two sides to the media: biased, conservative outlets like Fox News, and everyone else just doing their jobs.

“We’re not on any side, here are the details.” Isn’t that what conservatives have all but begged for for decades now? Just give us the details without bias?

Since Ioffe is with The Atlantic now, let’s review just two recent Twitchy posts. One showed Atlantic senior editor David Frum telling (who else) Brian Stelter that “mistakes are precisely the reason that people should trust the media … it’s the process of bringing truth to light.”

The second, from today, was a piece arguing that to save the GOP, Republicans have to vote a straight Democratic ticket.

But sure, there are two sides, and the conservative one is the only one with a political bias.

Hey, CNN is always happy to turn to a Republican like Ana Navarro to give the other side of the story. And whatever might be on The Washington Post’s front page, readers can always turn to conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin for balance, right?


Finally, the wait for a pro journalist to imply there’s incest in the Trump family is over