It must be hard to flip and flop on every principle you hold dear just to keep up with some progressive agenda and narrative you think is important to uphold. Take for example Cenk Uygur claiming Republicans hate cops …

Now think about this for a minute. Democrats spent YEARS telling us all how terrible the cops are but suddenly they’re claiming Republicans hate cops because they’re questioning the FBI and some of its motives.

Ben Shapiro just humiliated Cenk …

Funny how he claims the GOP hates cops but in the past, he’s tweeted his own hatred of law enforcement. And by funny we mean funny ‘dude, tweets are forever, ‘ not funny ‘ha ha.’

Although we did laugh our asses off when we saw Shapiro’s tweet.

At this point, it’s like he’s making a hobby of it.

When you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

We read that in a fortune cookie or something.

Now there are some people on the thread claiming Cenk was being IRONIC and mocking the Republicans but eh, we ain’t buying it.

That MAY be the Left’s new slogan.



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