Lauren Duca is bound and determined to get plenty of private donations for Planned Parenthood in order to spite Tucker Carlson.

Although all she’s really doing is proving they don’t need our tax dollars … so thanks for that, Lauren.

Yeah, THAT’LL show Tucker. Donate money privately and prove that enough people support the butchers to keep it funded without robbing American taxpayers for it. We’re sure Tucker is super thankful for that, Lauren.

You sure showed him.


Shhh … she’s rolling.


Time to defund them.

Right?! We agree with Lauren too!


And let’s not pretend there is really any such thing as ‘reproductive rights.’ Lefties love to claim things they want are magically their rights.

You should see the number of idiots donating so they can get a Valentine from Duca …

Thanks again Lauren, and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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