We’ve come to the conclusion that Sarah Sanders could literally cure cancer and the Left would find a way to be pissed off at her about it.

‘Sarah only cured cancer of RICH WHITE PEOPLE,’ or ‘Sarah Sanders wanted to put oncologists out of work because of Russia!’

Seriously, they make no sense.

If anyone else had written this tweet they’d be fav’ing and sharing it:

Yes, we should remember their sacrifice and honor their memory.

We agree.

But for whatever reason, this enraged the Left to levels of batsh*t crazy:

You’d think by now they’d be tired of this talking point but NOPE.



But if Sarah didn’t say something they’d be claiming she’s a racist …

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this behavior when we see how their elected leaders behaved at the SOTU.

In case James missed it, Obama was president for eight years and it took Trump being elected to actually bring the unemployment rates down for black Americans. Interesting argument here, and by interesting we mean stupid and sad.

These people.

Wonder when they’ll figure out they’re just re-electing Trump in 2020 by acting like a bunch of spoiled toddlers who need a diaper change and a nap?

No one tell them.


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