Last night, Rep. Adam Schiff, in what is starting to look like a desperate attempt to keep the infamous memo from being released, popped on Twitter with his own breaking news and alleged that Nunes ALTERED the memo with ‘material changes’ that were not approved by the Committee.

Wow, that sounds serious, Adam.

Except for a source from the House Intel that described these so-called ‘material changes’:


And made a change requested by the FBI …

And another change requested by the Democrats.


Clearly, this is Putin’s doing. *eye roll*

It’s starting to feel like Adam doesn’t want us to read the memo.

Wonder why that could be.

At this point, they would be better off just to release the freakin’ thing and be done with it. The appearance that they are trying to hide it from Americans only makes the whole thing seem likely far worse than it actually is.

But Russia! Trump! ELEVENTY!

C’mon man, release it, if for no other reason than we can stop hearing about it.


Adam Schiff claims Devin Nunes made ‘material changes’ to memo, demands it be withdrawn

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