On the night of Trump’s first SOTU, Hillary Clinton took it upon herself to write some diatribe on Facebook about her decision to protect an aide who was accused of sexual harassment, and just like her view on gay marriage, she magically (and conveniently) changed her mind about it.

Or something.

No thanks, Grammy.

Trump was too busy talking about the improving economy, low unemployment for minorities and the decimation of ISIS to take direction from the woman who couldn’t beat him in 2016, but it was sorta cute in a pathetic way that Hillary had her own personal little SOTU.

And considering she will never be president that was as close as she will ever get to actually giving one.

Chelsea is proud of her mom for admitting she enabled predators for years and years.



No amount of evolving or flip-flopping will change the fact that Hillary is on the wrong side of history with this issue.

And she always will be.


Power hungry and can’t seem to find Wisconsin on a map.

Psh. What difference at this point does it make?

Right, Hillary?


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