Morning Joe had Michael Wolff on this morning to talk about God only knows what, and it seems when Wolff denied that he had implied Nikki Haley had an affair with Trump, Mika got all sorts of bent out of shape, shut him down and went to commercial.

‘I’m sorry, this is awkward,’ she said.

Michael Wolff was obviously not happy about Mika’s behavior.

The tweet that says, ‘My bad, the President was right about Mika,’ absolutely cracked us up. Watching these people eat their own is always good fun.

And you’ll have to forgive us if we don’t buy Mika’s outrage over the supposed accusations against Nikki Haley, considering she and Joe have been ‘feeding’ these types of people for months (years). They’re a little bit like Doctor Frankenstein and they’ve lost control of their monster:

What she said.

BS segment is putting it nicely.

It reminds us of their behavior around Trump. She and Joe spent months building Trump up, supporting him even, and then they decided he was a bad idea for the country?

Convenient outrage is so 2017, Mika.


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