Kamala Harris is awful.

No snark here, just being honest.

She can’t even be straight about what it is she is fighting for in this tweet, because deep down maybe even SHE knows it’s wrong to kill an unborn baby after 20 weeks. Yup, that’s the so-called ‘choice’ she’s babbling about in this tweet:

Once again Republicans are trying to protect innocent life.


And you thought Alyssa Milano was gross when she called the ban ‘horrifying.’ At least Alyssa was straightforward about it, Kamala is being awfully passive aggressive in this tweet … wonder why.

Could it be she knows 8 in 10 Americans WANT stricter regulations around late-term abortions and that her stance on this is not popular so she’s framing it in the best way she can to appease the butchers at Planned Parenthood?

Playing politics is what she does best.


Wow, this guy is WAY nicer than we are.

It’s about death.

Abortion takes a life and ruins another.


This ain’t rocket science, Kamala.


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