If you thought SJWs had reached peak stupid and lost whatever minds they had, THINK AGAIN.

Apparently publishing a piece on Stephen Miller on ‘Holocaust Memorial Day’ somehow makes the New York Times a white supremacist paper.

Hey man, don’t look at us, we just work here.

Not to defend the New York Times (because that would truly be a sign of the end of times), but all they’re really saying is that for a real ‘bargain’ to be had regarding immigration you’ve got to have the moderates and the extremists at the table for a balance.

But somehow, someway this came across to the more sensitive blue-check SJWs as a puff piece on Nazis, or something.

Granted, these folks are LOOKING to be outraged and probably see white supremacy in certain colors of plastic bags, but we digress.


Did she seriously just say the New York Times is pro-Trump?

We’re SO confused.

You know that face you make when an older uncle passes gas at a family gathering and you try not to acknowledge the sound or the smell? Yeah, that’s the face we made when we read this tweet.

Makes you wonder.

Melodramatic tweeps are gonna melodramatic.



Impressive eh?

We keep trying to tell them but they don’t listen.

Trump says thanks!


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