You’ve gotta wonder if Alyssa Milano actually reads what she tweets.


What sort of heartless ghoul who has children of her own would call banning abortion after 20 weeks HORRIFYING? She has been pregnant, she knows what size a baby is at that gestation, that the mother can feel movement … this is CLEARLY not just a ‘clumps of cells.’

No lady, you’re horrifying.

Not a great look, Alyssa.

Disgusting isn’t it?

Horrifying honestly doesn’t even begin to describe how gross someone has to be to in order to write a tweet like this.

Red alert? Anti-choice?

Give us a freakin’ break.

Roughly 80% of Americans support stricter regulations in late-term abortions, which would include any abortion after 20 weeks.

She is on the wrong side of history, again.

They can feel pain at that stage.

Horrifying indeed.

Welcome to progressivism 2018.

You’d think.

If she’s like Hillary she’d support aborting an unwanted baby up until he or she is born.

Yes, that is evil.

Funny eh? And not funny ‘ha ha,’ funny ‘ri-damn-diculous.’

This gal answered her own question, let’s not pretend Alyssa is ‘smart.’

In Alyssa’s world, yup.


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