If we get to pick and choose which federal laws we ignore, we’d like to ignore the one that says we have to pay taxes.


You know what, the government forcing us to pay taxes is racist and stuff.

Yeah, that’s it.

It only makes sense, right? If the Left is going to blatantly ignore immigration laws, why should the rest of us bother with obeying any of the laws? Especially since these laws are just mean and racist anyway.

Right? Let’s DO this!

And as usual, Dana tweets and the liberal green penis unicorns show up to bitch, moan and cry on her timeline:

Roger seems so sensitive.

Entering our country illegally is not being law-abiding, but we digress.

*eye roll*

The stupid, it seriously burns.

The same parents who came to our country illegally and put their children in a no-win situation?

Democrats seem to think Dreamers are all just a bunch of little kids studying to be doctors … but fair point. Just send the parents home?

Oh settle down, just being snarky.



The NRA is buying us all guns? WELL HELL YEAH.

Oh, she said gun LAWS.



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