Because the United States Attorney General looking to enforce federal law is a ‘racist and political stunt.’

Democrats just aren’t very bright, are they?

Bring it? Oooh, Gavin is tweeting tough!

Don’t worry sanctuary cities, Gavin is protecting you all from the evil guy who wants to enforce our laws. *eye roll*

Let’s face it, Democrats have the market cornered when it comes to political stunts.

See last weekend’s government shutdown.


This is Gavin Newsom we’re talking about here, man.

And if you call them out on it, that is a racist, political stunt.

Gavin says so.


Something like that.

Saying illegal is not a race is racist, right? No? We can’t keep up with these special rules Democrats have around language. Psh!

Panderers are going to pander.


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