Awww, look at CNN promoting the Women’s March and pretending that a bunch of women (and men who might have thought they were women) stood around in streets across the country and threw a hissy fit because their queen didn’t win the election. Notice they leave out that this protest happened because it was originally planned as a celebration that Hillary won … and they’d already spent the money.

Yeah we get it, their anniversary is right around the corner, but let’s not pretend CNN’s promoting it during #MarchForLife is a coincidence. *adjusts tinfoil*

These brave women and their glitter-glued posters … so moving.

Dana Loesch reminded us all of who the Women’s March really included:

We can’t help but notice their lack of coverage around Linda Sarsour’s anti-Semitism.

Crazy, right?

Dana also had hopes for something else important …

We’re not holding our breath.

And we all know that’s what matters to CNN, their agenda.

Everything else is just inconvenient noise.


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