We’ve all but begged Alyssa to read more about politics if she is going to insist on being an ‘activist.’ We’re at a point where we almost feel bad for making fun of her … almost.

Like this tweet from last night:

Republicans want to fund CHIP and have been trying TO FUND CHIP for months. And sorry, holding CHIP hostage for amnesty is the OPPOSITE of a clean bill.

Oh, and House Republicans signed a bipartisan bill LAST NIGHT, so either Alyssa is sharing misleading information on purpose OR she just doesn’t really understand what she’s talking about and wants to hop on the anti-Trump bandwagon for attention.

We’re thinking the latter because just a few days ago Alyssa was begging Democrats to shut down the government:

She wrote this long, passionate letter in several tweets about why the Democrats should #shutitdown … it was pretty sad.

But not as sad as her so obviously flip-flopping two days later and blaming the Republicans for shutting it down and pretending they’re monsters for not giving into DACA; not to mention the CHIP claim is just damn stupid.

Not it.


Umm … because TRUMP!

No one told Alyssa there would be math.

And fair point, why didn’t Democrats do something about DREAMERS when they had a super majority in 2010? Oh, that’s right, they were too busy destroying healthcare, our bad.

Tough crowd, eh Alyssa?

Maybe she should just stick to making commercials for Atkins.


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