We would still like to advocate for Alyssa Milano to LEARN something about politics and policy before she continues pretending to be some great activist. Seriously, if she’s going to make the effort to write a ‘letter’ to Democrats calling for them to shut down the govt. because she is upset the Dems didn’t get their way, she might actually want to look at the number of people who would suffer over a shutdown.

Or maybe she missed it when Democrats played the ‘you’re killing people’ card when the GOP shut the govt. down.

Either way, this is just really bad.

But hear her out, they’re not getting their way so they need to throw a tantrum and show who they are as a party.

Trust us, we know.

We’ve been watching you babies meltdown for over a year.

Funny how their narrative changes, ain’t it?

HA! No way, they’ll blame Trump for FORCING them to shut it down.

They’re so damn predictable.

Republicans tried to fund CHIP in November of 2016, Democrats blocked it to protect their precious Obamacare.

Read a book, Alyssa.

Why should our budget protect people who are not in this country legally? Shut down the govt that serves legal citizens because of illegal immigrants?


Puerto Rico itself is also responsible for what’s happening there.


Living in this country illegally is NOT a human right.

Whoa boy.

There is a whole lotta stupid going on here.


If she thinks about it she might hurt herself.

But she wants to show the GOP who’s boss and stuff.

It would.

Alyssa doesn’t understand what she’s talking about, don’t be too hard on her.


Hey, she said please.



Alyssa Milano reveals President Trump ‘in all his racist horror’ on MLK Day