Of course, Alyssa Milano is upset about President Trump — but because it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, she’s especially upset. You see, Trump tweeted this Monday morning:

Plenty of lefties brought it up during the campaign, but Milano seemed certain that Trump calling for an “America first” policy when it comes to immigration (and everything else) was a shout out to the KKK. Look, photographic proof!

Never mind that the president also tweeted a video message honoring Dr. King — certainly that was just cover to draw attention away from his Klan-friendly tweet.

We admit there’s plenty to criticize the president about, but after seeing Democrats demonize and destroy Mitt Romney — Mitt Romney — over things like Big Bird and binders of women, we’re just not up to clutching our pearls over someone (especially the president) wanting to put America first.

And of course, anyone who voted for Trump because of his America first platform is obviously a Klan member too, right?

As long as everyone’s learning something new from Milano, how about another history lesson?

Yes do. A lot of those lumped in Hillary’s baskets of deplorables were paying attention when Clinton called late Klan leader Sen. Robert Byrd her “friend and mentor.”


‘RACIST TRAITOR’! Donald Trump catches HATE for honoring Martin Luther King Jr.