Sarah Sanders did not mince words this morning when she brought down the thunder on Senate Democrats who are still threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get their way on DACA.

Republicans want to keep the government running so Americans who rely on it for their basic needs (or salaries) do not suffer because legislators can’t seem to stop playing politics on the Hill. It would appear, however, that Democrats are ready to put their own agenda over the American people (including the kiddos who need CHIP to be funded) in order to push for amnesty.

Tell us again who owns this possible shut down, Democrats.

See what we mean? Democrats know their own base is ignorant of the process and will help them blame the GOP for the shutdown – which is why it’s imperative that those of us who know how things work keep calling them OUT.

Kids and healthcare are bargaining chips these days. Nothing more.

Let us make this simple for you, Dems are willing to die on the amnesty hill and take Americans who need government services with them.


Man, we hope the Democrats are doing something nice for the media because WOW, they have done a fine, fine job of pushing their narrative and BS around DACA and CHIP.

These folks really must learn to control their emotions, it will be their undoing.

Tough guy.

Every time we write about Sarah Sanders and something she tweeted we end up spending the majority of the article making fun of the people who predictably freak out every time she tweets.


Awww Lefties, they always keep us laughing.


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