As Twitchy reported, a classified report compiled by the House Intelligence Committee documenting alleged surveillance abuses was released to members of Congress Thursday, and several of those who’ve read the four-page memo — Republicans, anyway — are calling for it to be released to the public immediately.

By Thursday night, the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo was trending on Twitter, and Rep. Steve King added his name to the list of those wanting the document made public. Worse than Watergate?

Since Twitchy’s earlier piece was published, additional members of Congress have added their voices as well.

Those are pretty damning statements, and they’re only a few of many tweets bearing the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag. Dan Bongino, for one, is hyped.

Jason Chaffetz managed to get in a nice dig at Dianne Feinstein:

WikiLeaks would be happy to release the memo if no one else wants to:


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