Thousands and thousands of Americans will come together to protect life and speak out for those most innocent and vulnerable, the unborn, and March for Life. While the event brings out the best in the pro-life movement, it brings out the ugliest in the pro-death folks, especially when there is powerful evidence against their abortion narrative and moving tweets in social media.

Likes these.

Honestly, there are thousands of great tweets on the #MarchForLife tag, it’s amazing to see so many fighting this very important fight, but these are the Top 10 tweets on the tag (so far!):


And serious amounts of boomage.

Be a human being?

That might be challenging for some people on the pro-abortion side, just sayin’.

We love Muffin Bear.

Sidenote, this piece from Vice President Pence is seriously badass – if you have a chance, you should totally read it.

More adoption.

Less abortion.




EVERY child is precious.


Pro-life is the REAL resistance.

Love this young lady.

Love life!

Editor’s note: Typically we do not include our own tweets when we write here at Twitchy, but this editor has to share her daughter … preemie parents are the among the biggest warriors in the fight to protect life.


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