Two days ago, Cory Booker was literally SCREAMING at a woman in a committee meeting because he couldn’t berate her into telling the lie he wanted to hear, and now this morning, after spending all day yesterday justifying his behavior by insisting Nielsen was lying, he tweets this?

Sorry but douchebag says WHAT?

Seriously. No amount of Gandhi quotes and interviews on MSNBC will ever make what Booker did in that meeting ok.

And he knows it.

His own Howard Dean moment.


Actually, what Booker did makes Dean look pretty tame … which is incredibly sad.

If Booker really wants to save face he should admit what he did was wrong and apologize.

We all know he won’t do that SO we’ll just make fun of him for posting a Gandhi quote like that makes everything ok.

It doesn’t.

If anything it just illustrated that he did more than speak out.


What a bully.

Nope. If Booker tries to run, the Republicans will just play that footage over, and over, and over, and over again of him screaming at a woman over something Durbin said Trump said.

It really is stupid if you think about it, and certainly not a hill worth dying on.

Keep diggin’ that hole, Cory.


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