When Cory Booker completely lost his shiznit during a committee meeting and SCREAMED at Sec. Nielsen because he couldn’t badger her into feeding into the narrative around Trump he was DESPERATE to push, Alyssa Milano thanked him for his leadership.


A so-called leader of the #MeToo movement was celebrating a man mistreating a woman in a very public fashion …

Yeah, this didn’t go over so hot, and many people in social media (including Katie Pavlich and Dana Loesch) LIT Alyssa up (who got super defensive and claimed women shouldn’t be treated with kid gloves) but Michelle Malkin dropped her in just one tweet.

A to the men.

He looked INSANE.


And dangerous even.

Someone needs to explain to Alyssa what real leadership looks like.

Hey, it’s only fair.

Democrats call that passionate.

We call that psychotic.

Agreed. There is NO WAY this editor would have had the professional restraint Nielsen did; she made him look like an even bigger ass though by not feeding his behavior.


Hrm, good point. His skin does seem unnaturally smooth.

Maybe he has Pelosi syndrome?

Of course, he wouldn’t.

And curtain.


It is SO on! Dan Bongino BLISTERS Jimmy Kimmel for LYING about Repub efforts to fund CHIP