What is it about Jimmy Kimmel that makes him think he in any way knows enough about CHIP and healthcare funding to make political commentary on it? Does being a late-night talk show host somehow magically qualify him as an expert?

Or is he like any other Lefty and just loves to hear the sound of his own voice, even if he’s telling outright lies to push his weak agenda?

Take for example this smug and nasty tweet from Kimmel about Republicans using kids as bargaining chips:

No, Jimmy, YOU stop it.

Dan Bongino has had enough of the former ‘Man Show’ host:

It is absolutely disgusting. Yup.

He’s clueless and has gone out of his way to make up a narrative that he doesn’t know is true or NOT just because then he can pat himself on the back and pretend he actually cares about the little people.

Nope, he’s only interested in scoring points.

Deep and profound ignorance.

So. Much. Boom.

And truth.

Like Chelsea Handler supposedly leaving her show to become a political activist?





America’s conscience Jimmy Kimmel still doesn’t get who’s blocking CHIP funding