PHEW! I bet RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel is pretty thankful that CNN’s Chris Cuomo was able to explain what is and what isn’t mansplaining to her:

From Mediaite:

“Why did you call it that?” Cuomo asked McDaniel on New Day.

McDaniel argued the exchange “would have been covered differently” had it been a Republican senator lecturing Nielsen, before hitting Booker for “grandstanding” and “auditioning for 2020.”

“He was disrespectful and he did mansplain to her,” McDaniel said. “She deserved an opportunity to answer his rant.”

Cuomo asked why “in this age of recognizing women as equal,” Booker would “have to treat Nielsen differently.”

“He was disrespectful to her as the secretary of Homeland Security, and he was mansplaining to her,” McDaniel said.

“How was that mansplaining just because she’s a woman?” Cuomo shot back.

Wait. You can mansplain to a man? Or it’s just mansplaining when the woman is a Dem? It’s all so confusing:

Watch the back-and-forth here: