More bad news on the tax cuts front.

Oh wait, we’re just kidding.

WOW. Apple giving $2500 bonuses to their employees is surely a sign of the end of times.

What did Nancy Pelosi call it again?

HA! That’ right.

Careful Sarah, you might make Nancy cry.

And speaking of crying, look at the stupid on this thread:

This guy.

And he’s official, whoopty doo.

You do realize there would be no bonus at all without the tax cuts, right?

*eye roll*

Nobody forces anyone to live or work there.

These people have NOT read the law.

That’s all there is to it.

She’s mad at Sarah because she’s not getting a bonus.


As if we needed a reminder of how self-centered and miserable the Left can be.

Oh, and Sarah with a double-tap on her timeline:

Time to stifle, Lefties.


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