We wonder if Rep. Nancy Pelosi ever, even for a second, regrets describing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as “the end of the world” and “Armageddon.” Eh, probably not — after all, all of those bonuses being paid out are just pathetic “crumbs.”

So, maybe that estimate of 15,000 a year killed by the GOP tax cut was a little off, or maybe we just haven’t seen the effects yet. Frankly, we’ve been distracted from the body count by recurring news stories like this one:

Even Piers Morgan can’t deny this is good news.

In other business news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 26,000 points for the first time.

Any time we hear about stocks hitting record highs, we think of this:

It never gets old.

* * *


Watch where you step … more crumbs are piling up:


Oh, the HUMANITY! Nancy Pelosi takes the prize for HOTTEST tax reform take