Sad Jim Acosta is sad.

Probably because he knew he would be winning several awards in Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards,’ and so many people wanted to see him being ‘honored’ for claiming that CNN is real news that the GOP site went down.

Which was admittedly embarrassing but they did eventually fix it.

But not quite as embarrassing as Mr. Sourpuss himself tweeting about it:

Someone get this guy a mirror.

The elite media is completely out of touch with real Americans, and you could say that some of these talking heads almost seem to resent them.



No, no he can’t.

Wonder when he’ll get tired of all of the LOSING.

But we thought he was an APPLE!


Whoohoo! Way to go Jim!

It must be hard for Jim to know there are more people who want to see which fake news award he won than his actual reporting.

Poor lil feller.

You stay classy, Twitter.


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