Hard to believe, but Dave Rubin made Newsweek look even DUMBER than they already do.


Newsweek is almost as ridiculous as the Washington Post (that occasionally gives even CNN a run for its money) in the unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome arena, and their reaction to Trump’s physical was just pathetic.

Luckily, Dave Rubin took Newsweek’s whiny headline and rewrote it in a way to perfectly mock and belittle them:


They so BADLY want to make Trump into a crazy old man, and even when the physician (who examined Obama, folks) said Trump was in good health and not insane the Left tried to find ways to ignore hid diagnosis.

And then continue pushing the notion that Trump should be impeached because of x or y or z.

It’s exhausting.




Hey, at least it’s not boring.

Ok, we’re out.


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