Hollywood really set themselves up to fail by pushing the ridiculous notion that wearing black to the Golden Globes somehow proved they cared about women in their industry or sexual harassment or whatever they decided the black dresses and tuxedos finally meant.

Jenna Jameson and others were less than impressed with the elites patting themselves on the backs and pretending to care about the little people.

They stood around in their black garb and pretended they were doing really important work. Then again, playing pretend is what they do best so maybe that makes sense in a sort of sad and pathetic way.


They’d need several more hours to get through them all. Heh.

Well, that would have been actually DOING something that required a sacrifice from Hollywood, and God knows they’re not interested in that.

People attending the Oscars will likely wear black AGAIN so they can continue virtue signaling on steroids.

And where was Corey Feldman?

It’s really pathetic.

Or that takes actual work and dedication.

Absolutely it is.

Hooray for Hollywood.


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