This morning, President Donald Trump signed the biggest tax reform in a generation into law and people are literally COMBUSTING where they stand, instantaneously dropping JUST like the Democrats claimed they would.


Ok, not really but still:

YES! It’s about time this Congress got something accomplished, and this was big. Allowing 80% of Americans to keep more of the money they earn, supporting corporations in being more globally competitive and putting more money into the economy is truly a Christmas miracle.

That didn’t stop the Left from crying like little bitches on this thread though:

Wow, someone with a name like, ‘ThisIsYoBigMama’ means business.

80% of Americans are extraordinarily wealthy? Well, in that case, we should totally do away with entitlements.

How rude.



Actually, if you read the bill you find the wealthiest have one of the lowest tax cuts, but don’t let a silly thing like facts get in the way of your narrative.

Yes, Democrats, please run on the platform that the GOP hates people so much they gave them more of their own money BACK.

You get the picture.

This is the general theme with Democrats today, and while they are incredibly mopey and melodramatic, not one of them has suddenly imploded because Trump signed the bill.



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