Just horrible.

From USA Today:

The Department of Veterans Affairs has allowed its hospitals across the country to hire health care providers with revoked medical licenses for at least 15 years in violation of federal law, a USA TODAY investigation found.

The VA issued national guidelines in 2002 giving local hospitals discretion to hire clinicians after “prior consideration of all relevant facts surrounding” any revocations and as long as they still had a license in one state.

But a federal law passed in 1999 bars the VA from employing any health care worker whose license has been yanked by any state.

And Democrats want Americans to turn over their healthcare needs to the government … ummm NO.

Ok, and parody account or not – this is definitely something Sarah Sanders would say.

*she got us, darn it*

Repeal Obamacare now.

All of it.

Sorry not sorry, Obama.

Yay big gov!

But the government knows best and stuff.

They can’t, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to completely take over healthcare and force Americans on single payer.

No one ever accused these people of being overly bright, or compassionate.


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