If Nancy Pelosi was any more melodramatic in her ranting about the GOP Tax Plan on Twitter they’d nominate her for Best Actress.


The GOP putting more money in the pockets of middle America has really gotten under Nancy’s skin; it’s sort of like how Obama promised to give us all $2500 but it took President Trump to actually make that happen.

Yeah, that really pisses her off.

Which is like the best Christmas present, maybe ever.

And please, like the Botox Queen isn’t absolutely LOADED …


Raise your hand if you kinda sorta loved Malkin telling Nancy to hush.

That is … disturbing.

Nothing is keeping Nancy from writing a nice, big, fat check for these poor kids.

Never forget, Democrats are incredibly generous, just with other people’s money.


But Truuuuuuup.

Public service ya’ know.


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