Ok Democrats, even Jake Tapper is sharing positive information on the GOP Tax Bill … time to shut up now. You’ve had your fun, you’ve done your ‘die-ins,’ you’ve created stupid hashtags and likely scared the Hell out of several Americans who are uninformed about tax policy, but it’s done.

Time for the adults to get busy passing tax cuts for the majority of Americans.

And c’mon, when even Jake Tapper is sharing positive stats about the bill?

Guy Benson did this too, FYI.

Huh. Sounds like the poorest of the poor would get to keep some of their own money. And considering many of these people don’t pay any taxes anyway?

But, but, but we thought only evil rich people were going to get a cut.

Who knew?

Oh yeah, that’s right, WE DID. #TaxationIsTheft

Considering they pay the most? Works for us.

Wait, you mean Trump isn’t getting the biggest tax cut of all? The Democrats lied to us?! WE’RE SHOCKED.

Huh, that’s funny, because Democrats keep saying that over the next several years taxes will go up on the poor.


He means the government will steal $900 LESS from these people but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Who’da thunk?

Reading through this one has to wonder how any Democrat could see Americans keeping more of the money they earn as a bad thing.

Wait, it is Democrats we’re talking about here, never mind.


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